ERASMUS 2014/15

From September 2012 to June 2016, I studied Spanish and TESOL with a module in Mandarin at Nottingham Trent University.  I loved my course and as part of it, I had to spend my third year working or studying in a Spanish speaking country.  I decided to work as a Language Assistant for the British Council in a primary school in Alicante.  The 10 months I spent living there were difficult at times but I look back n the year with very fond memories and I’m very tempted to return for another year.

My first day as a Language Assistant

For ease, I have decided to divide my blogs into three categories below.  This is where Annalise’s Adventures began so it may look a bit amateur but I still like to read back over them as I originally wrote them.



Original About me page

Judging my language ability

Packing and preparing

Last week at home



The first week

Travelling: Madrid

First experience of teaching

Culture shock

Home for the weekend

Staying fit and healthy

A Spanish Christmas

Travelling: Alicante and Murcia

Term 1 summary

New year, new goals

Being an Alicante tour guide for friends

From assistant to full time teacher

Spanish festivals in Spring

Travelling: Guadalest


Travelling: Granada

Spanish National Pole Dance Competition

Heartbreak of the year: Last week at school


Final Reflections of the Year

Final summary