Off we go!!

Day 1 of our 134 day journey starts now! It’s been a manic few days planning routes, sorting out packing lists, banks etc etc but we’re finally in Heathrow airport, with a glass of wine in hand ready to go!! Follow my blog for mine and Ammun’s travel diaries for 4.5 months around South America […]


Recently, on Instagram, I came across the hashtag #TravelWhereYouLive and it inspired me to write this blog post. I’m currently living at home in Buckinghamshire, England, dreaming about hiking in South America and food in Asia and cocktails on soft sandy beaches but I quite often forget to think about how nice it is to […]

NTU Graduation 2016

Anna the graduate… I know, not so much of a travel blog this one.  But I guess I’m taking it back to what I originally made this blog for: keeping my family in the loop of what I’m doing as they can’t follow me around like sheep! (…and they probably wouldn’t want to anyway!) As […]

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home “You’re back in England?!” Yeah, I am, SURPRISE! I’ve had to keep it all completely secret because on Saturday night I surprised one of my best friends from school at her birthday night out in Birmingham! I booked the flights only a month or so ago so they were pretty pricey but […]

Hello September!

After months of panicking because I have no idea what September is going to bring I have finally been able to get my head straight and sort things out.  My flights, accommodation… I’ve even started thinking about packing!! Last night mum and I worked out exactly when we’re going to fly! We’re leaving on Wednesday […]

Hello, my name is Anna!

Hello! My name is Anna, I am 20 years old and I am currently a student at Nottingham Trent University.  I’m studying Spanish and TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) with a module in Chinese Mandarin.  Yes, I am aware it’s one of the longest degree names in history so I don’t often […]