Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

“You’re back in England?!” Yeah, I am, SURPRISE! I’ve had to keep it all completely secret because on Saturday night I surprised one of my best friends from school at her birthday night out in Birmingham! I booked the flights only a month or so ago so they were pretty pricey but totally worth it!! 

Thursday I worked in the morning as usual and then got to the airport about 1 ready to jet off to London Stanstead. Dad picked me up and I finally got home about 7.30pm greeted by mum, one of my brothers and of course, my dog and overly clingy cat! As requested, I had a full roast dinner with all the trimmings waiting for me followed by a toffee apple, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, muffin made by Will (my brother) in food tech and screme eggs! (Incase you haven’t worked out, my mum is definitely a feeder!! I can tell my little brother misses me because he was adamant that we played cluedo as a family – I lost both times but it’s the taking part that counts right? 😉

Crazy antics at home!!

I had such a fabulous day Friday! Me and mum got up at the crack of dawn (which wasn’t too bad for me because of jet lag!) and headed for central London. As it’s 100 years since the beginning of the First World War, over 800,000 ceramic poppies have been placed around the Tower of London.  It is one of the most beautiful and moving things I’ve seen! As we got there so early there weren’t many people but after a quick stop at Starbucks the streets were rammed!! It’s lovely to think that one of those poppies has been placed for my great great great uncle Herbert (Bert) who I’ve learnt a lot about in the last few years. He died in action and we have 2 lovely, long letters from commanding officers he worked with describing how much they liked him because of his “emotional cheeriness” and “coolness under fire”. 

Me, my lovely Mummy and 800,000 ceramic poppies (and the Shard)
Monument for the
Great Fire of London

After finally escaping the crowded streets we headed for Pudding Lane where the great fire of London started in September 1666. I’ve just been teaching year 3 about London and the great fire but I had no idea there was a huge monument (monument tube station) that you can walk up and see London to mark the exact spot!
After that we headed for the V&A Museum and looked at wedding gowns throughout history, theatre and film, disobedient objects and China. I now want my wedding dress to be handmade, I want to go to a West End show and I want to visit China – little bit influenced by it all I guess! The museum is absolutely huge and has the history about almost everything!! 
After our busy morning we went for my favourite meal and my favourite restaurant (Wagamama – chicken Khatsu curry) and then did a spot of shopping in Oxford Street seeing the Christmas lights too 🙂 
I love spending time with my mum and we make sure to do a few Anna and Mummy day trips a year! I’m looking forward to our next one in December where we continue our annual tradition of seeing a musical (hint hint Matilda hint hint!!) 😉 

The day had finally come!! The morning was spent just slobbing around the house – eating more and skyping my other brother who’s currently studying at Staffordshire University. Was very weird to have the whole family skyping but I’m not the one at university! 
As I mentioned in my last blog, I get a lot of unwanted and unnecessary attention because of my blonde hair so I fixed it – I am now brunette! It’s a bit darker than I expected and has a tint of red which I’m not sure about yet but it’s only semi-permanent so it’s not the end of the world!!      

This Wednesday it’s my friend Ammun’s 21st birthday so this weekend she invited all of us from school to go to Birmingham for a night out at her student union. Initially I was going to surprise all my friends but 2 had to be told so it was just Ammun and Shalini being surprised. After jokingly saying that I was coming, Ammun told me that ‘I’d better start swimming’. So obviously, I ran with the joke and continued to tell her about swimming lessons and my new swimming costume etc. then turned up in a swimming costume and swimming goggles!! Because of my change in hair it took them a second to recognise me but her reaction was brilliant! Was definitely worth the social media blackout!! 

Her face didn’t change for about 30 mins after this!
We all predrank together – about 30 of us and walked (in what felt to me like arctic conditions) to the club. There were two big rooms with two different styles of music and me, Ammun, Shalini, Fiona, Melissa and all of Ammun’s uni friends sang a lot, drank a lot and definitely danced a lot!  I’m very happy I wore flats otherwise my feet would be in a lot of pain right now! I had such a good night and it topped off this amazing weekend!!


L-R Shalini, Fiona, Ammun, Melissa, Me <3

There’s not really much to talk about for Sunday as I didn’t sleep all night (alcohol insomnia) and I’m a bit hungover. Currently writing this feeling crappy on my flight from Birmingham airport to Alicante. Really looking forward to eating dinner and then just going to bed!! My alarm is gunna go off at 7.15am tomorrow which will feel like 6.15!! I’m sure year 6 will be understanding and hopefully not too noisy! I didn’t think I would come home before Christmas but I’m so glad I did purely to give my brain a rest from having to think in 2 different languages all the time! It’s also made me feel very festive… John Lewis have their advert out, the coke advert is back and I have an advent calendar! I love Christmas and I’m looking forward to working hard for the next 6 weeks and then I can come back home and get super festive and super jolly! 

See you on the 18th December England!! 

Annalise x

(Espanol pronto!)


“¿¡Estas en Inglaterra!?” Si, estoy, ¡SOPRESA! He tenido mantener mi visita completamente secreta porque el sábado por la noche sorprendí una de mis mejores amigas de mi escuela para su cumpleaños en Birmingham.  Compre los billetes solo hasta un mes y por eso fueron bastante caro pero estoy feliz que lo he hecho.
El jueves trabaje por la mañana como normal y llegue en el aeropuerto a la una lista para volar a London Stanstead. Mi padre estuvo esperando para mi y finalmente estuve en casa a las 7:30pm con mi madre, uno de mis hermanos y, claro, mi perro y gato muy emocionante! Como pregunte, comimos un ´roast dinner´ (muy típica de Inglaterra – normalmente comimos los domingos y navidad) y una manzana caramelizado, helado Ben & Jerry´s, un cup cake y chuces de Halloween. Estoy segura que mi hermano me extraña porque estuvo inflexible que necesitamos jugar un juego como una familia. No gane pero todavía es divertido!
Tuvo un día fabuloso el viernes! Mi madre y yo nos levantamos muy temprano (no fue horrible para mi porque de jet lag!) y fuimos a el centro de Londres.  Porque es 100 años desde empezó la primera guerra mundial, mas de 800,000 amapolas han sido puesto al lado del Torre de Londres. Es una de las cosas mas bonitas y emotivas que he visto por todo mi vida!  Cuando llegamos, no había mucha gente pero después de 30 minutos en Starbucks, los calles fueron llenos de personas! ¡Que loco fue!  Es muy emotivo creer que una de las amapolas es para el hermano del padre de mi tátara abuela que se llama Herbert (Bert) sobre quien he aprendido mucho en los años pasados. Se murió en acción en 1916 y tenemos 2 cartas muy cariñosas y largas por los dos oficiales de ejército que describen como el se gustaba porque de su “emoción alegría” y “tranquilidad bajo ataque”.
Después de finalmente nos escapando los calles abarrotados, fuimos a Pudding Lane donde empezó el Gran Fuego de Londres en septiembre 1666.  He estado enseñando el tercero sobre Londres y el gran Fuego pero no tenia ningún idea que hay un gran monumento (metro: Monument) que puedes  subir y ver mucho de Londres para marcar el punto exacto de la panadería.
Siguiente, fuimos a el museo V&A a vimos a vestidos de boda por 1755-2014, el teatro y la películas, objetos desobedientes y China.  Ahora, yo quiero que mi vestido de boda es hecho a mano para mi, quiero ver un musical en el West End y quiero visitar China. Supongo que hay un poco de influencia!