About Annalise

Hi! My name is Annalise.  I’m 23 years old and in 2014 I accidentally stumbled upon travel blogging whilst living in Spain.

Me in Amsterdam, Netherlands August 2015

I come from a small town in Buckinghamshire, England and although I love home, my wanderlust expands further than South East England.  In September 2014 I moved to Alicante, Spain for a year as part of the ERASMUS scheme for my degree in Spanish and TESOL and started a blog because it was the “done thing”.  It began as a bit of a diary so that my family and friends at home could see what I was up to but then my blog became more popular than I imagined it would be and I was even published on Thirdyearabroad.com!  I worked as an English language assistant in a primary school and submerged myself fully into the Spanish way of life whenever I could.  I used my blog to share me laughing at myself at every attempt at being as Spanish as possible, when really, my Spanish wasn’t great when I arrived!  It was a crazy few months with every emotion possible and some very weird experiences of working with children:  sorry Carlos, I know your name is not Culo (*Spanish for bum!)

August 2015 was when my travel blog really started to accelerate.  I went interrailing with a few friends around Western and Central Europe and wrote a blog about each city.
I shared our experiences of food, culture, history, nightlife and more food!  It was an incredible month and I loved how different every city was.  I have since been told by friends that they have read my blog before travelling to one of the cities that I went to!  My blog acts as a rough guide to visiting a new city with recommendations on where to stay and what to do with a few fun facts in there too! A year and a half later a German journalist approached me and I was published on what I believe is Germany’s main news platform! Obviously I wrote it in English and it was translated HERE.

My first ever scuba dive in Koh Tao, Thailand 2017

The next big trip was a 4.5 month around-the-world trip to South America and South East Asia with one of my best friends from school.  We spent 1.5 months in South America with a G Adventures tour and then 3 months travelling Asia just the two of us.  I continued to write in the same style as my Interrailing blogs and I talk about the weird and wonderful moments of our trip including our jungle survival, being stranded in the Andes for 24 hours and a lot of strange new foods.  It really was the trip of a life time (sorry about the cliche) and I think it has just fuelled my wanderlust even more than ever before!

I now live in Paris and am working as an au pair for two girls aged 5 and 7 while also studying French. Can I become fluent in French in just 4 months? Will I throw a child out the window Miss Trunchball style? Will I be able to pull myself away from this beautiful city in the summer? We’ll find out!


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