Interrailing: Pula

As I mentioned in my last blog post, we’ve had a very few stressful days and our time in Pula had to be cut a lot shorter. In reality, we just about had an evening and then a day!

We arrived tired and miserable but luckily Pula is a very pretty little Croatian town. We walked past the arena that apparently  is the highlight and it was (although not as impressive as the coliseum in Rome) very cool to look at from the outside.

After unpacking and getting settled in our little apartment, we walked into the town to get to some dinner. Eventually we found a restaurant down a back street and I was sold when I worked out that I could have mussels and chips (my absolute fave) for £6!! Sadly the waiter told us that there was only one portion left and he wanted to give it to his friend. Not happy! So instead I ordered a seafood spaghetti that was FULL of mussels!! The waiter told us they made everything fresh but if they can put loads of mussels in my pasta but not in a bowl on their own, I smell bullshit. We eventually dragged our sleepy selves home and all finally got a good nights sleep!
The next day was one of my favourite days of the year… MY BIRTHDAY!!
I woke up pretty early to skype my family and I opened the small present that I’ve been carrying round for three and a half weeks. It was a little bracelet (I’d been wanting one for a while), a birthday girl banner, a candle, my favourite gummy watermelon sweets and some Croatian kuna so I could buy myself a drink or two. Clever little presents that won’t weigh my rucksack down: perfect!

Ammun and Fiona then went out to the supermarket to get a birthday breakfast. While they were out, the owner of the flat came up and gave me a bottle of white wine as I’d mentioned in an email a while ago that it was my birthday! Then the girls returned and we had chocolate croissants with fruit salad and juice and it was super yummy!!

We then walked 5 minutes to the local beach and well, did what we’ve been wanting to do for weeks! Sunbatheeee!! The beach we found was a bit weird; it was a man made beach made of concrete! People were just sunbathing on concrete!! So we walked a bit further to a rocky bit that was so secluded that people were naked!! Didn’t really want to see an old mans weiner….

7 8 9

We drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of ice cream between us and then tried to get some sleep before our alarms all went off at 4am for another day of travelling!!
Overall I had a lovely birthday and thank you everyone who took the time to wish me happy birthday. I really am lucky to have such an amazing family and awesome friends!!

Extra facts

  • Country: Croatia 
  • Country Population: 4.5 million 
  • Spoken language: Croatian 
  • Unit of currency: Croatian Kuna
  • Time zone: GMT +1
Again, I can’t really rate things out of ten like I normally do as we were there for such a short amount of time!  I would love to go back to Croatia because I know there are some really pretty spots!!
See you in Venice!
Annalise x