Interrailing: Amsterdam

We arrived here Saturday afternoon after a pretty rough 3 hour train from Brussels. Ammun lost her folder with the keys to her locks and we all got on the train to where our really nice hostel (Meininger again like in Brussels) is, then realising that Shelly didn’t make it on! We had to mime through the window that she needed to get the next one one stop. Please enjoy this photo of our journey.

 As it was a Saturday night there was only one obvious option for what we should do; barcrawl! We had heard really good reviews about one called ‘ultimate bar crawl’ so quickly got ready, ate some dinner and then went out to the meeting point. Our hostel is only a 5 minute train from the centre and then walking to the start point and then to the first bar, we got a good view of the city. The barcrawl was 20€ and includes a free drink in 6 different bars (although Shelly somehow managed to get two drink tokens in most bars!), free shots and a t shirt. Needless to say, we got  fairly drunk and did a hell of a lot of dancing! 

The next morning was a pretty lazy morning for obvious reasons. When we finally made it out, we noticed Sail Amsterdam which is a massive boating event that happens every 5 years. People brought loads of huge sailing ships and yatchs which are awesome to look at. People who own smaller boats also sail in between to get a good view or you can get a ferry. There are also floating restaurants and fireworks (that we missed). You may have seen some images/videos on the recent ‘I’m on a boat’ snapchat story.
 Then we decided to experience one of Amsterdam’s many, many museums. We’ve all seen photos on facebook etc of our friends who have been to Amsterdam before in the sex museum so we thought it would be a good laugh. It was, erm, interesting. Seeing weird old statutes of penises etc was quite funny but then it took a turn for the weird. Then it took a turn for the ugly… There were some things that we laughed at and some things were mildly interesting but I probably wouldn’t want to see it all twice. Please enjoy this picture of us and massive male genitalia.

After that unique experience we sat in Dam Square still feeling a bit hungover. We powered through and en-route stumbled upon a clog. Please enjoy this picture of us pretending to be an English-Dutch version of the Jamaican bobsleigh team.

We headed towards the National Museum that has a structure outside that says ‘I amsterdam’ and every tourist has to get the obligatory photo with one of the letters. Obviously as my name begins with an A, I had to get the A! Annoyingly it was really busy so I couldn’t get AM together like my initials. Please enjoy this picture of me being a stereotypical tourist.
Please also enjoy this cute photo of me and a “Made In Holland” Miffy statue that was part of the temporary Miffy Art Parade. (
After a nice chill in the square, catching some rays and people watching (I LOVE people watching when they’re tourists!) we went to the supermarket and then went home and had a chilled night in to recover from the night before. Please enjoy this picture of us enjoying mine and Ammun’s super yummy veggie fajitas.
The reason we had an early night was because we all wanted to get up early for the Anne Frank museum. We read online that it’s recommended you arrive at 8.30 to queue and by half 9 you’ll be in. We arrived about 9 and after two hours queuing we were in. It costs 9€ as there is no student discount available but the visitors guides are free (and given to you in the queue so you can do some reading beforehand). You pass through 15 rooms including the offices etc and then onto where the 8 people in hiding were and each of their rooms and then you hear from Otto Frank (Anne’s father and the only one out of the eight that survived the war) and then you see all of her original dairy pages and novels and short stories that she used to write. You see reconstructions of what the rooms used to look like as well as original pieces of walls (with photos etc on) all preserved.  As its such a sensitive topic, it’s strictly forbidden to take photos (and unlike most places that say that, people actually follow this rule here!). I’m very glad we queued for so long for this it really was an amazing experience despite how depressing it was. It’s crazy to think that someone with such a similar name to me (Anneliese Maria Sara / Annalise Sarah) can have such a different life. It really made me thankful for everything I have and usually take advantage of.
“I know what I want, I have a goal, I have opinions, a religion and love.”
Anne Frank, 11th April 1944
I left feeling pretty mellow but that was quickly changed when I heard “ANNA?!” From a few metres away and then saw my friend Phoebe grinning at me! (Hi again Phoebe if you’re reading this!)
After having some lunch on the steps in Dam Square, we did a little bit of shopping (although at 18kg I didn’t want anything more to carry!) and then went to the Van Gogh museum. Sadly it was 17€ and we decided we didn’t want to spend that amount of money as well as queueing 45 minutes when none of us are knowledgable enough about art. I would like to go another time but learn about Van Gogh’s art before I go.
Sadly, we had our first bit of bad weather and it was really heavy rain and thunder so we went to a coffee shop for a while.
Dam Square:
 We were soaking wet and felt gross because of it so we went back to the hostel for a bit before dinner. Once we’d showered and got ready, Shelly said that she really didn’t feel well and went to sleep. We didn’t feel comfortable leaving her and going into the city so we just went to a restaurant called Bret which is just outside our hostel and had some yummy burgers.
I have enjoyed my three nights in Amsterdam but I feel like I haven’t seen it all. I’ve heard that Amsterdam is very pretty to walk around at night (not while drunk on a bar crawl) which we didn’t get to do and I feel like we should have made the most of the Sail Amsterdam event and more of the museums available. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to book another holiday to go back!! If I go again I’ll be able to buy my mum some tulip bulbs for her garden too as Holland is famous for them! (I’m not carrying them for 3 weeks sorry!)
I’m now writing this on a 6 hour journey to Berlin. We’re an hour and a half into it and my back is already really hurting so I really, really can’t wait to arrive!!
Here are some typical Amsterdam houses (quite often were wonky!)

Extra facts

  • Country: The Netherlands/Holland
  • Country Population: 16.25 million 
  • Spoken language: Dutch
  • Unit of currency: Euro (€)
  • Time zone: GMT +1
Food rating: ?/10 (didn’t get a chance)
Boy rating: 5/10 
Boy creepiness rating: 2/10 
Tackiest gift: There were too many! Anything related to sex, weed, alcohol and lots of Bob Marley (Who isn’t even Dutch)
What I would do different: Especially with Sail Amsterdam going on at the weekend I think you could spend a week in Amsterdam as there’s so much to do! I would also carry around lots of 50c coins as nearly everywhere makes you pay for the loo! Also, I would definitely save space in me to go to ice bakery which I owned by Nutella!!
Now I’m about to spend 3 days in a country where I only know how to say hello, good morning, shit and the first two lines of Silent Night. Wish me luck in Germany!! 
Annalise x