Feliz Navidad Anna!

Feliz Navidad Anna! Last Saturday I was wondering why I was struggling so much to get in the Christmas spirit.  All my friends at home were in the Christmas spirit. So much so that I knew they were all either lying in bed hungover or having a hungover train/car journey home.  I love Christmas, I […]

Hello Señorita Anna!

Anna’s New School Teaching year 3 about London   I’ve just completed my second full week in the school which adds up to 10 days altogether.  It’s been interesting. Some people sit in offices gazing at computers, some stare silently at paintings and some just watch other people doing monotonous jobs. Not me, I have […]

Hello September!

After months of panicking because I have no idea what September is going to bring I have finally been able to get my head straight and sort things out.  My flights, accommodation… I’ve even started thinking about packing!! Last night mum and I worked out exactly when we’re going to fly! We’re leaving on Wednesday […]