Interrailing 2015

For Europeans, Interrailing is possibly the best way of travelling without parents/teachers/guardians for the first time.  The Interrail website  is an incredibly useful resource and gives you lots of information and advice for things like planning your route and choosing where to stay but doesn’t plan the route for you and make you do the same route as everyone else.  I think Europe is a very special continent.  Every country has a completely different language, culture and history and there’s nothing like seeing it all with your own eyes.  In nearly every city we did a free walking tour (would 100% recommend!) which taught us a lot about the country’s/city’s history.  One of the things that seemed to connect Europe was the effects still left from the two World Wars; from bullet marks still in the buildings in Paris to the Jewish Ghetto in Venice and, most of all, the very strong presence of Germany’s history all over Berlin.  Aside from boring history, I talk a lot about food, nightlife and reviews on Europe’s tackiest gifts!

I’m hoping to write a post about all the advice I can think of but for now, click the photos to see the blogs that I wrote throughout my travels: Enjoy!

paris  dam

berliner praha weiner 

buda zagreb-and-ll img_5328-768x576

venice pisa


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