Interrailing: Budapest

I’ll be honest, I was really looking forward to Budapest and I’m now leaving feeling a bit disappointed. Not because I didn’t like the city, but I feel a series of unfortunate events has occurred. As you know, I’ve spent the last three weeks with three of my best friends from school but in Budapest […]

Interrailing: Prague

City 6/12: Prague. After edgy Berlin I was very excited to go to Prague and dress in pretty clothes and still fit in. I’d seen pictures of friends in Prague but really, I didn’t know a thing about the Czech Republic other than the fact it used to be called Czechoslovakia. So these last few […]

Interrailing: Berlin (Top 10)

A famous man once said “he who controls Berlin, controls Europe”. Sadly I can’t remember who said it or when it was said but after visiting Germany’s capital city and learning its history I can understand why. Although Berlin is now a very vibrant city with a lot going on, it also has a very […]

Interrailing: Amsterdam

We arrived here Saturday afternoon after a pretty rough 3 hour train from Brussels. Ammun lost her folder with the keys to her locks and we all got on the train to where our really nice hostel (Meininger again like in Brussels) is, then realising that Shelly didn’t make it on! We had to mime […]

Interrailing: Brussels and Bruges

“So how long are you staying in Brussels for?” “3 nights.” “Oh. I’d say that’s 2 nights too many.” This was the alarming conversation I had with my uncle last week who is a pilot and therefore has been to Brussels a couple of times. So we were on a mission to make sure we […]

Interrailing: Paris

Paris. The city of love and baguettes and a pretty tall tower. I’ve been to Paris 4 times before but only ever to Disneyland so (although slightly gutted I can’t be a child and run up to disney characters for a photo) I was very excited to see the real Paris! We started our interrail […]