NTU Graduation 2016

Anna the graduate… I know, not so much of a travel blog this one.  But I guess I’m taking it back to what I originally made this blog for: keeping my family in the loop of what I’m doing as they can’t follow me around like sheep! (…and they probably wouldn’t want to anyway!) As […]

Feliz Navidad Anna!

Feliz Navidad Anna! Last Saturday I was wondering why I was struggling so much to get in the Christmas spirit.  All my friends at home were in the Christmas spirit. So much so that I knew they were all either lying in bed hungover or having a hungover train/car journey home.  I love Christmas, I […]

So are you fluent?! No.

As a languages student I always, always get the same responses when I tell people what I study; 1) OMG so are you fluent?! 2) OMG speak some Spanish to me!! Both will get the response ‘no’.   The reason I’m going to Spain for the year is to become fluent and just because I can […]